About iP2Entertainment

iP2Entertainment (iP2) is a diversified international family entertainment and media company, built around a core business of Branded Family Edutainment Centers (BFECs). BFECs are unique entertainment destinations combining the most popular international brands (including National Geographic, Mattel and Dreamworks Animation Studios) with cutting edge media-based technology and attractions.  iP2 delivers unique, interactive, deeply immersive experiential entertainment with an educational underlay, targeted at leading retail centers and high traffic locations around the world.

We focus on completely innovate, outside-the-box thinking on our creative concepts while staying rooted in the tried-and-true play patterns of children and adults. Combined with unique technology applications and media-rich storytelling and world-famous characters, we are doing something completely new in the world of location based entertainment.

Management Team

The Management of the Company has over 60 years of experience in the location based entertainment industry as well as an expertise in the intellectual property and brand development and movie and television production industries. The management has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world for the most discerning clients, like Disney, MARVEL, Paramount, SeaWorld, Merlin Entertainment, Warner Bros., Universal, Six Flags and others and has a track record of creating world class, blockbuster attractions, brands and entertainment.